Director - AI Research Centre | Associate Dean @ Woxsen University


Dr. Hemachandran Kannan holds the position of Director at the AI Research Centre, Associate Dean, School of Business and serves as the Area Chair of the Analytics Department at Woxsen University. His academic journey includes the completion of a Ph.D. with a focus on Embedded Systems. Beyond academia, he stands as an ambassador for the AI Accelerator Institute and lends his expertise as an Advisory Board member to several esteemed international and national companies, including AptAI Labs (USA) and Agzitence Pvt. Ltd. Notably, he has been a prominent figure at various national and international scientific conferences and Summits, where he has not only shared his insights but also enriched these events as an effective resource person. His lectures encompass a wide array of subjects, predominantly centered around Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies. Dr. Kannan's dedication to knowledge exchange is evident in his recent engagement in a faculty exchange program at the University of Pecs, Budapest, Hungary. During this program, he took on the responsibility of educating students on the intersection of AI and Business. At present, his contributions extend to his roles as an Expert at UNESCO,A TL Mentor of Change and the advisory Board member of The AASHE. He is expertise in domains like Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, the creation of Video recommendation systems, and the development of Autonomous Robots.